MultiEDGE Visualizer


EDGE is a modern software system designed to visualize and create highly detailed large scale 3D scenes. It is a joint development of Eagle Dynamics and its affiliated company, Smartgraf. The most advanced computer graphics technologies available in the gaming and simulator industries are employed in EDGE.

Multichannel visualization

Based on the EDGE library, the MultiEDGE synchronized multichannel visualizer is intended for use in professional flight simulators and also as an external module of multichannel visualization for a series of DCS World games. MultiEDGE achieves a synchronized image of continuous graphical scenery generated by 8-12 projectors on one spherical or circular screen. Simultaneously, seamless transition between projections of adjacent projectors is provided. Observer Parallax proprietary technology is applied to compensate the displacement of the “pilot” view point in relation to the center.

CIGI protocol is used to share information with simulation programs. It is recommended to use Digital Combat Simulator (DCS), developed by Eagle Dynamics, as a simulation system to generate vehicles, weapons, weather conditions and other visual objects, however MultiEDGE has been successfully used in flight simulators developed by Avia (Kremenchuk, Ukraine), Aeromash (Minsk, Belarus) and other companies.

MultiEDGE provides for visualization of any kind of surface pattern

MultiEDGE provides for visualization of any kind of surface pattern, many types of vegetation and terrain structures (buildings, bridges, etc.), rivers, roads, fields, power lines, seas and lakes, progressive cloud conditions from clear to overcast, precipitation of various types and intensity, fog, etc., in short, everything that is necessary in flight simulators.

Along with the visual system, several prepared regions are offered, such as the Caucasus, Nevada, the Persian Gulf, Corsica, the Absheron peninsula and Baku city, as well as an opportunity to order a custom terrain model of any region. Proprietary software solutions are used to create a landscape, which significantly shortens development time. If a client wishes to utilize own 3D designers, we provide the tools to design terrains, appropriate instructions, video tutorials and our consulting services.

Technical capabilities

MultiEDGE guarantees visualization with a constant frequency of 60 frames per second for terrain scenes in1920×1080 (FullHD) resolution. To do this, the equipment must meet the following requirements as minimum:

  • CPU: Intel i5 (4 cores)
  • RAM: 8Gb
  • VIDEO: Support of DirectX 11 (ATI 290x 2x crossfire or Nvidia 980 2x sli). If two graphics cards are used, it is important to provide a cooling system
  • SSD 128Gb to store a terrain database